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Honora&#8482; has specialized in bringing the very best in Freshwater Pearls since they arrived on the market over 20 years ago. Honora&#8482; is the largest importer of fine Freshwater Pearls in the United States and uses these astounding cultured pearls to create colorful and affordable pearl jewelry. </p> <br/> <div id="contactInfoEducation"> <h2>Cultured Pearls</h2> <p>The Freshwater Pearls that Honora&#8482; specializes in are one of the three main types of Cultured Pearls along with South Sea Pearls and Akoya Pearls. The term Cultured Pearls is often misunderstood or misused, but the meaning is actually rather simple, a Cultured Pearl is any pearl product where man starts the pearl growth process.</p> <br/> <h2>Akoya Pearls</h2> <p>Known as the traditional pearl, Akoya Pearls are grown in salt water in Japan and China. Each pearl is grown inside of a small mollusk, using a round mother-of-pearl bead as a nucleus to ensure a round pearl and are almost always white in color. They are small to medium pearls, ranging from 4MM to 10MM in size and each mollusk will only grow one or two pearls in its lifetime. While top Akoya Pearls are extremely expensive and have fine luster, we often find that the middle and lower quality of pearls can be dull or chalky due to an insufficient coating of nacre, which is usually less than 10% natural pearl growth.</p> <br/> <h2>South Sea and Tahitian Pearls</h2> <p>Using a similar mother-of-pearl bead nucleation, these larger Cultured Pearls are grown one pearl per mollusk in giant oysters in South Sea countries such as Australia, Indonesia and of course, Tahiti. These larger mollusks allow for some of the largest pearl sizes spanning 9MM-20MM with a much higher nacre thickness than Akoya at about 15-20%. This category of pearls are the hardest (and therefore most expensive) to grow in high quality as large pearls have a higher mortality rate and more surface area which can become blemished. The South Sea Pearls are found in various shades of white as well as gold colors and the Tahitian pearls offer a range of natural blacks and gray. Both categories offer a range of shapes from round, baroque and drop pearls.</p> <br/> <h2>Freshwater Pearls</h2> <p>This remarkable variety of pearls offers the widest ranges of natural colors, shapes and sizes, spanning 4MM to 18MM. With over 90%, they have the highest nacre content of any nucleated Cultured Pearl and can grow up to 40 pearls at a time in one mollusk using a newer process for cultivating pearls called tissue nucleation. The ability to grow multiple pearls per mollusk is a major factor in making Freshwater Pearls one of the best values in pearl jewelry.</p> <br/> <br/> <hr/> <h2>Care</h2> <p>When cared for properly, pearls can last a lifetime. The best way to care for pearls is to wear them often as the body's natural oils keep pearls lustrous. However, it's important to keep them away from household chemicals including perfume, makeup and hairspray. Chemicals found in these common products can dull the luster of your pearls. It is recommended that you put your pearls on last when getting ready and make them the first thing you take off when you come home. Before putting your pearls away, wipe them with a soft cloth and store them separate from other jewelry to avoid scratching.</p> </div><!--contactInfo--> <br/> <br/> <br/> <div id="contactFormEducation"> <h3>Cultured Pearl Shapes and Colors</h3> <h3>Shapes:</h3> <div class="definitionList"> <br/> <dl> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/Baroque.jpg" alt="Baroque Pearl Shape" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Baroque</h3><br/>Freeform and unique shapes that can be pebble shaped or long and have an organic feel. One of the most affordable shapes, baroques lend themselves well to fashion jewelry. Common Sizes -- 5MM to 12MM.</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/Button.jpg" alt="Button Pearl Shape" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Button</h3><br/>This is the most popular shape for Freshwater Pearl earrings. The irritant for this pearl embeds itself where there is only room to grow upwards, causing a flat bottom and a domed top. Buttons Pearls are also one of the best values for large stud earrings because they offer a slimmer profile that hugs the ear better than larger millimeter rounds. Common Sizes -- 4MM to 12MM.</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/Coin.jpg" alt="Coin" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Coin</h3><br/>These are nucleated with a flat disc to help guide pearl growth to a more consistent flat round shape. This type of pearl can also be found in squares, diamonds and several other shapes. Common Sizes -- 10MM to 20MM.</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/Keshi.jpg" alt="Keshi Pearl Shape" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Keshi</h3><br/>These nucleus-free pearls form in the cavities where the first generation pearls once grew. They are completely freeform and are the closest Cultured Pearl equivalent to Natural Pearls on the market. Many are curved like cornflakes, while some can be rock-shaped baroques. Common Sizes -- 4MM to 15MM.</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/NearRound.jpg" alt="NearRound Pearl Shape" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Near Round</h3><br/>Freshwater Pearls are rarely perfect spheres as there is no mother-of-pearl bead guiding the shape. But they are available in very near round sizes that appear round to the human eye. This is the most popular classic pearl shape on the market. Common Sizes -- 4MM to 10MM.</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/Oval.jpg" alt="Oval Pearl Shape" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Oval</h3><br/>These are similar to potato pearls, but tend be a bit longer shape and are drilled the long way. These strands have even more of a fashion feel than rounds or potatoes and are generally less expensive. Common Sizes -- 4MM to 10MM.</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/Potato.jpg" alt="Potato Pearl Shape" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Potato</h3><br/>Tissue-nucleated pearls can grow freely in all directions. Potato pearls are short ovals that are drilled vertically (the shortest direction). The slight out-of-round shape gives a larger look, with a more organic feel and will be less expensive than a similar size round pearl of similar quality. Common Sizes -- 4MM to 10MM.</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/Ringed.jpg" alt="Ringed Pearl Shape" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Ringed</h3><br/>These pearls rotate while growing inside the mollusk and are  carved in circles that can vary from a single ridge to multiple rings. Ringed Pearls are generally found in round, potato, oval and barrel shapes. Common Sizes -- 6MM to 12MM.</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/Rondelle.jpg" alt="Rondelle Pearl Shape" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Rondelle</h3><br/>Narrow button-shaped pearls that are drilled all the way through and stacked next to each other to create a uniform look. Common Sizes -- 4MM to 9MM.</dd> </dl> </div><!--definitionList--> <br/><br/> <p><small><a href="#top">back to top</a></small></p> <h3>Size:</h3> <br/><br/> <div class="definitionList"> <dl> <dd>The size of the pearl greatly depends on the type of pearl. Freshwater pearls range in size from about 3.0-7.0mm, Akoya pearls range from about 6.0-8.5mm, and South Sea and Tahitian pearls can reach sizes as large as 13mm. </dd> </dl> </div><!--definitionList--> <center> <img src="images/EducationImages/pearlSizeChart.jpg" alt="pearlSizeChart" width="410" height="139" /> </center> <br/><br/> <h3>Colors:</h3> <br/> <div class="definitionList"> <dl> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/Champagne.png" alt="Champagne" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Champagne</h3><br/>Just like it's namesake, Champagne exudes a formal class and elegance when its time to celebrate those important occasions. It's certainly in the Gold family of colors, yet Champagne has a distinct hint of caramel that distinguishes it from all the others.</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/Cherry.png" alt="Cherry" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Cherry</h3><br/>One of Honora&#8482;'s most popular colors, Red is probably best for making a statement and standing out with your pearl jewelry. Known primarily for its "pop", place a red pearl next to any other and watch as your eye is naturally drawn in its direction. Either attract all eyes with a vivid Cherry strand, or blend it into your favorite piece with a signature Honora&#8482; color combination including Mosaic and Sunrise!</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/Chocolate.png" alt="Chocolate" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Chocolate</h3><br/>An exciting alternative to Black and White, Chocolate is the perfect dress-up color that s likely to make you one-of-a-kind in the room. Just as you'd imagine, chocolate is a rich shade of brown that enhances any of your favorite outfits and dresses. If you're looking for a color combo that features Chocolate, look no further than Denim - a combination so versatile, you can wear it with your favorite pair of jeans!</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/Golden.png" alt="Golden" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Golden</h3><br/>A light shade of Gold that exudes a quiet, timeless elegance. The perfect color for dress-up occasions and important gifts. Or you could always try going bolder and see if you like the darker, Metal Gold.</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/Gray.png" alt="Gray" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Gray</h3><br/>With a silvery, metallic sheen, grey pearls are the perfect blend of pearl and precious metal jewelry looks. Also, grey adds so much to Honora&#8482;'s signature color combinations including Waterlily, Tuxedo and our popular Blue Moon!</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/inkBlack.png" alt="inkBlack" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Ink Black</h3><br/>All Black Freshwater Cultured pearls are infused with their color using Honora&#8482;'s cutting edge technology. All-natural, Black-colored pearls occur only in the Tahitian South Sea Cultured pearls. Actually, in both Black is somewhat of a misnomer as "Black Pearls" really offer hints of so many incredible colors, such as greens, pinks, reds and purples that combine into an incredible medley of darker shades. Watch as the colors subtly change to match your outfits!</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/Kiwi.png" alt="Kiwi" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Kiwi</h3><br/>A creamy, light shade of Green that's perfect for Spring. Perhaps our most popular color combo "player," you can find Kiwi in over ten of our signature combinations including Rainforest and Gelato. Perhaps you can find a way to create your own!</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/Lilac.png" alt="Lilac" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Lilac</h3><br/>The lightest shade of purple we currently offer, Lilac is Spring-wear through and through. With its calming, pastel shade, Lilac conjures the sensations of warm outdoor weather and childhood memories. A perfect gift color for a "pearl girl" looking to branch out from the traditional White.</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/Melon.png" alt="Melon" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Melon</h3><br/>Melon distinguishes itself with its unique shade of creamy orange that will attract a lot of eyes and compliments. A solid strand of Melon puts a terrific spin on a classic and offers a look as delicious as the fruit itself!</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/metalGold.png" alt="metalGold" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Metal Gold</h3><br/>If Gold isn't "Gold enough" for you, than you've found the winner here with Metal Gold. Meant to imitate the stunning luster of Gold jewelry, this shade is the perfect accessory to formal events or fun nights out. Wear it for pleasure or wear it to stand out in a crowd - One thing's for certain is that Gold never wears out of fashion.</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/navyBlue.png" alt="navyBlue" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Navy Blue</h3><br/>A deep, rich, and regal shade of blue look that's an excellent way to introduce color into any outfit. Great for Winter-wear and featured in Honora&#8482;'s timeless combination Blue Moon.</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/Peach.png" alt="Peach" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Peach</h3><br/>A naturally occurring color, Peach is a refreshing shade that brightens any ensemble. Peach adds a subtle, yet joyous pop to many combinations such as Light Multi and Waterlily. . . but always works as a stunning, solid strand.</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/Pistachio.png" alt="Pistachio" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Pistachio</h3><br/>Go nuts for this silvery shade of green that's both subtle and unique. Whether its a pair of studs or featured in one of our signature combinations, Pistachio has proven to be a fan favorite for years now!</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/Plum.png" alt="Plum" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Plum</h3><br/>An elegant shade of Purple, Plum has the versatility to effortlessly transition from work-wear to evening wear. Dress it up or wear it for fun, either way Plum adds style to any ensemble.</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/Raspberry.png" alt="Raspberry" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Raspberry</h3><br/>A lighter shade of the stand-out Cherry, Raspberry is a stunning blush of color that makes an impression of confident style. If this color tickles your fancy, you may also enjoy strands, pieces and combinations featuring Plum, Champagne and Lilac.</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/skyBlue.png" alt="skyBlue" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Sky Blue</h3><br/>Refreshing and energetic, Sky Blue is a breath-taking shade that brightens your day and those around you. Ideal for the work place,or fun social events when you're looking to fit in and stand out at the same time.</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/Teal.png" alt="Teal" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Teal</h3><br/>Teal is such a dynamic shade! It's so bright and eye-catching it almost feels like a precious, expensive gemstone. When combined with the luster of Honora&#8482; pearls, this color simply flies off the neck, wrist or ear. It you want to stand out in your pearls and experiment with color - Teal could be perfect for you! Featured in many combinations such as Blue Mood, Santa Fe, Royale and more!</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/Violet.png" alt="Violet" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>Violet</h3><br/>A delicate shade of Purple, Violet is the highlight in many of Honora&#8482;'s signature color combinations. Try Kaleidascope or Royale for starters, or keep things simple with a perfect set of Violet earring studs in one of our affordable box sets.</dd> <dt><img src="images/EducationImages/White.png" alt="White" width="50" height="50" /></dt><dd><h3>White</h3><br/>All natural and classic, the white pearl has been sign of elegance for centuries. White matches anything, and elevates nearly any outfit for dressy occasions (but can also be worn with a simple, understated T-shirt and jeans). The perfect gift color for someone just getting started with their own pearl collection.</dd> </dl> </div><!--ColorDefinitionList--> <p><small><a href="#top">back to top</a></small></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> </div><!--contactForm--> </div><!--insideContent--> </div><!--customerService--> <div class="clear"></div> <br/> <div class="divider"> <hr/> </div><!--divider--> <?php include("includes/footer.inc.php"); ?>